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Message Alert System

The days of waiting patiently for the scroll of school names at the bottom of the tv screen or even listening to the long list of names on the radio are not necessarily the only way the school notifies parents and guardians of school closures or announcements. Although the school does still use the local stations for closure listings, they also have an Alert System that can make contacts via text message, voicemail, and emails.

These messages generally concern winter weather. They are also used to notify the students, staff, guardians, and parents of those enrolled in the Deuel School District of other announcements. If you wish to make changes or additions to how you are contacted, please contact McKensey Konold at 605-874-2161 ext. 220 or email
So not only can you get text messages, voicemail, and emails, you can also find information on Dakota News, Keloland, and Facebook. This is available to all who have students enrolled in the district.