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Mrs. Sandi Block

  • Sandi BlockInterviewed by Robert Begalka

    What is your favorite classroom activity you usually teach?
    My favorite activity to use when teaching is my glow in the dark days toward the end of the year.  The kids get to wear neon clothes and I have black lights in my room that really make things glow. I set up centers where the kids get to show off all the things that they learned in Reading and in Math. The kids have a blast as well!

    Where did you graduate from college?
    I graduated from Central College in Pella, Iowa.

    What was your degree in college? Include Minors and Majors.
    I got a BA Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early childhood as well as in Reading.

    Where are you from?
    I am from the Eastern side of Iowa - I grew up in Stanwood, Iowa. I worked and started my family in the Davenport, Iowa area.

    How many years have they taught here?
    I have been teaching at Deuel School for 14 years and I taught 15 years before moving to South Dakota.

    How big is your family?
    I am Married and have two grown sons - one that is married, so I guess we are a family of 5 right now.

    What would you do if you won the lottery?
    If I won the lottery, I would probably do some international travel that I have always wanted to do as well as help out the community in some way.

    If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
    If I had a superpower, I would want it to be able to clone myself. The reason is that I would be able to do so much more in my classroom if I had more help! :)

    What do you find most interesting about Deuel school?
    I find that Deuel school is like having a big family - all the teachers look out for each other and there are so many kids that want to do good things as well.

    Do you play any instruments?
    I used to play the clarinet and piano - but now just tinker on the piano every now and then.

    What is your favorite food?
    I would probably have to say chocolate! :)

Mrs. Sarah Hagberg

  • Sarah Hagberg

    Interviewed by Aidan Baer

    What college did you graduate from?
    I graduated from Dakota State University.

    What is your degree? Include all majors/minors.
    My degree is in BSE-Elementary Education.

    What is your home town?
    I am from Crooks, SD.

    How long have you been teaching?
    This is my 11th year.

    What is your position in Deuel School?
    I am a kindergarten teacher.

    Do you do any extracurricular activities, such as coaching?
    I will be the varsity softball coach this spring.

    How many kids are in your class or classes?
    This year I have 20 students this year.

    How do you deal with kids who can’t understand the curriculum?
    I like to help students in a smaller group setting or one on one if they need some extra help.

    Was teaching your dream job as a kid? If not, what was your dream job?
    I wanted to be a nurse at first, but then I changed my mind to a teacher.

    What is your earliest memory of teaching?
    I had several great teachers through my years in school and I can remember a few times thinking that I wanted to be like them.  Once I started, I realized how much work it can be but also how rewarding it is to get to know these kids.

    As a kid, did you eat the crusts of your sandwich?
    Usually, unless it was a really thick crust.

    Do you give out a lot of homework?
    Nope, not too bad.

    What subject do your students find the hardest?
    In Kindergarten, learning the letters, sounds, and then blending them together to read the words is always the trickiest.

    How do you deal with kids who refuse to try in class?
    I usually will have them come up and sit by me so we can figure it out together. I try to give them extra time to decide they're ready to work.

    What do you do when a kid is naughty in class?
    Sometimes I have to move them to a different seat. Sometimes I have to give them minutes at free play or recess. Usually, we can handle whatever it is.