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2021 Deuel Football Team

  • 2021 Team

    Front Row, Left to Right; Jaxon Peterriens, Dalan Dahl, Zane Bingham, Jace TeKrony, Naethan Lovre, Connor Schwiesow, Cooper Schiernbeck, Damian Kluckman, Grant Visser, Levi Moeller.

    Row Two, Left to Right; Autumn Kenyon – Manager, Caleb Schmaltz, Sam Magedanz, Braydon Simon, Josh Mussi, Isaac VanWormer, Ty Lovre, Tate Kenyon, Owen Quail, Dominic Constant, Carver Nothem.

    Row Three, Left to Right; Jaycee Hourigan – Manager, Miles Wyman, Caleb Ronne, Gabe Sather, Brayden Krug, Ronnie Begalka, Trey Maaland, Robert Begalka, Dexter Unzen, Keegan Johnson, David Reppe, Brooklyn Giesel – Manager, Gracie Fieber – Manager

    Row Four, Left to Right; Luke Andersen – Assistant Coach, Kent Simon – Assistant Coach, Ethan Gross, Preston Denelsbeck, Matthew Buyert, Aidan Baer, Zach Martinell, Brian Blachford, Jacob Greene, Kyle Blachford, Reed VanWormer, Korbin Whiteley, Garret Olson, Emma Hamann – Manger, Kris Ulmer – Assistant Coach, Dusty Hourigan Head Coach. Not pictured is Gavin Benck.

    Photo Courtesy of Photography by Kenzie


2021 Football Awards

  • JV Awards
    Most Valuable Offense - Gabe Sather
    Most Valuable Defense - Aidan Baer
    Varsity Awards
    Hard Hat Award / Practice player of the year / makes most of every opportunity on the field / hardest worker - Reed VanWormer
    Pancake Block Award/ Most Pancake blocks - Ty Lovre
    Most Improved Player / Most improvement throughout the season - Josh Mussi
    Cardinal Award (Teammate Award) / Dedication to team above themselves - Owen Quail
    Most Valuable Defense - Ronnie Begalka
    Most Valuable Offense - Trey Maaland
    Most Valuable Player - Trey Maaland
    Team Awards
    4 Year Veterans / Member of the program for 4 years -
    Zane Bingham, Dalan Dahl, Elise Hotzler, Damian Kluckman, Naethan Lovre, Cooper Schiernbeck, Connor Schwiesow, Jace TeKrony & Grant Visser
    Team Captains - Dalan Dahl, Naethan Lovre, Owen Quail & Cooper Schiernbeck
    Lifting Award / 12-month dedication to the weight room
                   Underclassman - Ronnie Begalka
                   Upperclassmen - Robbie Begalka
                   1000 Pound Club  - Robbie Begalka and Dominic Constant
    ECC Conference Champs - Deuel
    ECC All-Conference - Ronnie Begalka, Zane Bingham, Ty Lovre, Trey Maaland & Cooper Schiernbeck
    ECC All-Conference Honorable Mention - Damian Kluckman & Naethan Lovre
    ECC Offensive Player of the Year -  Trey Maaland
    ECC Defensive Player of the Year -  Ronnie  Begalka
    NEC All-Conference -  Ronnie Begalka, Ty Lovre, Trey Maaland & Cooper Schiernbeck
    NEC All-Conference Honorable Mention - Zane Bingham & Naethan Lovre
    SDFBCA Academic All-State - Zane Bingham & Copper Schiernbeck
    SDFBCA Friend of Football - Marvin Kiemig
    Date: 8/20/21
    Opponent: vs. Webster
    Offensive: Trey Maaland
    Defensive: Ty Lovre
    Special Teams: Josh Mussi
    Hit Man: Ty Lovre (O), Ronnie Begalka (D), Dalan Dahl (O)
    Date: 9/03/21
    Opponent: at Mobridge - Pollock
    Overall: Ty Lovre
    Offensive: Owen Quail
    Defensive: Cooper Schiernbeck
    Special Teams: Josh Mussi
    Hit Man: Josh Mussi (ST), Owen Quail (O), Cooper Schiernbeck (D)
    Date: 9/10/21
    Opponent: vs. Groton
    Overall: Ty Lovre
    Offensive: Zane Bingham
    Defensive: Ronnie Begalka
    Special Teams:
    Hit Man: Carver Nothem (O)
    Date: 9/17/21
    Opponent: vs. Dakota Hills 
    Overall: Gavin Benck
    Offensive: Trey Maaland
    Defensive: Ronnie Begalka
    Special Teams: Naethan Lovre
    Hit Man: Robbie Begalka (D)
    Date: 9/24/21
    Opponent: @ Redfield
    Offensive: Cooper Schiernbeck
    Defensive: Ty Lovre
    Special Teams: Josh Mussi
    Hit Man: Trey Maaland (O), Naethan Lovre (D)
    Date: 10/01/21
    Opponent: @ Roncalli
    Offensive: Carver Nothem
    Defensive: Dominic Constant
    Special Teams: Josh Mussi
    Hit Man: Zane Bingham (O)
    Date: 10/08/21
    Opponent: vs. Sisseton
    Overall: Trey Maaland
    Offensive: Zane Bingham
    Defensive: Ronnie Begalka
    Special Teams: Josh Mussi
    Hit Man: Jace TeKrony (D)
    Date: 10/15/21
    Opponent: @ Clark / Willow Lake
    Overall: Ronnie Begalka
    Offensive: Trey Maaland
    Defensive: Zane Bingham      
    Special Teams:
    Hit Man: Gavin Benck (O)
    Date: 10/21/21
    Opponent: @ Sioux Valley
    Overall: Dominic Constant
    Offensive: Trey Maaland
    Special Teams:
    Hit Man: Dominic Constant (D)

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