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    The Deuel School Board is made up of five at large community members that live in the district boundaries and are elected to three-year terms. The purpose of the school board is to serve as the governing board of a school district for the purpose of organizing, maintaining, and providing educational opportunities and service for those residing within the school district.
    School board meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM in the school library. Interim meetings are scheduled at the regular meetings and are TBA.
    The school district citizens are invited to attend board meetings and keep informed about public school issues. Before the meeting is called to order, an individual who desires to speak at a school board meeting must verbally or in writing inform the Superintendent, the Business Manager or the Board President of the person’s desire to speak and the topic upon which the person intends to speak. During the time designated for Public Forum the Board President will recognize the person who signed up to speak and the person may speak on the topic according to the rules set forth in this policy.  The time designated as Open Forum for Public Participation on the agenda shall follow the approval of the agenda.

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