DUCS Partner Club

DUCS Partner Club
  • Deuel Unified Champion Schools (DUCS) Partner Club

    What is Unified Champion Schools?

    Unified Champion Schools brings youth with and without intellectual disabilities together through education and sports and related initiatives that provide them with knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote acceptance, respect, and human dignity for all students.  

    UCS is dedicated to promoting social inclusion through planned and implemented activities affecting systems-wide change that provide a quick path to friendship and understanding.

    The 3 Components of Unified Champion Schools

    1. Inclusive Sports & Fitness
    Students at Deuel have the opportunity to participate in unified sports activities alongside one another as athletes and partners on the NESC Rockets team.  This is the most conducive way for breaking down stereotypes. 

    2. Leadership & Advocacy
    Deuel students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in promoting UCS activities in the school and in the community through our Partners Club.  They also help our Special Olympics team with the Pig Skin Maddness and Polar Plunge fundraisers.  

    3. Whole School Engagement
    There are opportunities for all Deuel students to participate in UCS through school-wide activities such as the 'Spread the Word' campaign, pep rallies, state send-offs, and the UCS scrimmages at the home basketball games.