• Deuel School Building Project


    Cardinal WHY BUILD?

      • K-12 will be under one roof with secure entrances for students and visitors. Our facilities were not designed with our student and staff’s safety and security in mind. Our buildings lack proper supervised and controlled access.  Today, the security of schools is imperative.
      • Create a learning environment for student and staff that is conducive to the integration of technology, student collaboration, and hands on learning.
      • Many parts of the school are not ADA compliant. This would ensure accessibility to gym seating, restrooms, and access to the entire school for students and community members.



    • Kitchen/Serving/Cafeteria- Undersized and not ADA compliant. Aging equipment and drainage issues have contributed to increased maintenance costs.

    • Industrial Arts/Ag Shop- ADA compliance issues and is not connected the main building. The building is currently in need of extensive maintenance (roof).  Over half of our graduating seniors are attending technical schools and our CTE programs provide the foundation for their post-secondary success. Increased classroom size and work areas will only benefit both our existing programs as well as future additions to CTE curriculum. 

    • Gymnasium-Seating and restrooms are not ADA compliant. Installation of new bleachers in the summer of 2019 will eliminate 1/3 of the seating.  Gym is considerably undersized compared to gyms of schools in which we compete against.

    • Parking-Parking is limited around the school and the back parking lot will increase in size from our current 66 parking spots to over 180 spots.

    • Classrooms-The National Guard building houses a hand full of offices and two classrooms. The old boiler room is also located in this wing and encompasses a large/unused space.  Poor lighting, moisture issues, and fumes from the adjacent custodian garage is not conducive to a learning or working environment. 







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    Average building costs go up 5% each year.