Deuel School District

  • Exceeding ExcellenceDeuel School District is centered within the city of Clear Lake, encompassing the communities of Clear Lake, Gary, Goodwin, Brandt, Altamont, and Bemis.

    The district features one-to-one computing for students in grades K-12, one of the highest student/computer ratios in the country. Wireless computing throughout the campus, Smart Board Technology in every classroom, opportunities for advanced-placement and college credit classes, a four-day school week with opportunities for extra-help on Fridays or extended learning opportunities and many more innovative practices. Co-curricular opportunities range from almost any athletic pursuit to drama, oral interpretation, band and chorus, an art program and a variety of clubs for special interests.

    Students in the district come from farming, manufacturing and business backgrounds and we are committed to providing them with a quality education providing the foundation for success in whatever endeavor students choose to follow after graduation.

    Deuel School District's Mission Statement:
         Empower students to become independent learners, personally accountable, and responsible citizens.

    Deuel School District's Belief Statement:
         Everyone in the community contributes to the education of the children in our schools.
         Therefore, we are committed to:
              - Personal responsibility and accountability.
              - Respecting others and maintaining an open line of communication in the district.
              - Providing opportunities and resources for individual success.
              - Maintaining and communicating high academic and professional standards and expectations.

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School Song

  • School Song
    Deuel High School, Deuel High School
    Ever Proud to be!
    For 600 students make this school as it should be!
    RAH! RAH! RAH! 
    Deuel High School, Deuel High School
    March right on to fame -
    Fight Deuel High School fight
    We'll win this game!
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