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Learner Qualities Criteria

  • Self-directed learner

    1. Listens to, reads, and follows directions
    2. Participates in ciass
    3. Maintains teacher pace
    4. Is prepared and organized
    5. Uses time effectively

    Quality producer

    1. Work is neat and organized
    2. Demonstrates effort
    3. Strives to produce work that reflects their ability

    Collaborative worker

    1. Works cooperatively to achieve group goals by contributing ideas, by listening to others, and by respecting others’ ideas
    2. Demonstrates on-tasi behavior during group work

    Respectful and responsible citizen

    1. Respects authority and property
    2. Gets along with peers
    3. Follows rules
    4. Accepts responsibility for own behavior

Middle School Schedule

Period Times
Exploratory 8:10-9:00
Seminar 1A 9:03-9:33
Seminar 1B 9:33-10:03
Seminar 2A 10:06-10:36
Seminar 2B 10:36-11:06
Seminar 3A 11:09-11:39
Seminar 3B 11:39-12:09
Advisory 12:12-12:27
Lunch 12:30-12:55
Band/Choir 1:00-2:10
Learning Lab A 2:13-3:00
Activities 3:03-3:40

Forms & Policies

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