• BookfinderSearching for books with a corresponding
    AR Quiz is easy with AR BookFinder.

    Parents and students can search using criteria such as book level, interest level, title, author, fiction/non-fiction, subject, award-winners and more. There is no easier way to find books that are both appropriate and interesting for individual students.  With more than 40,000 AR quizzes, students will never run out of books to read.

  • Home ConnectCheck AR Progress At Home

    AR Home Connect allows parents/guardians to log in to Home Connect from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and check the progress their child is making in AR.

    If you'd like to receive emails showing your child's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Home Connect and follow the directions. Please note – students are not able to take AR quizzes at home. Testing is only available at school during school hours. 

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  • What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader® (AR) is a reading program for first through fifth grade students that:

    • Manages student reading.
    • Monitors student comprehension.
    • Motivates students to read.
    • Increases the volume, quality, and enjoyment of reading.

    Why do we need AR?

    • Alarming statistics point out that elementary school students are spending less and less time reading independently.
    • The AR program challenges all readers--from the novice to the most advanced bookworms--to read more quality literature at their own level.

    How does AR work?

    • Each student takes an assessment test to determine their reading level.
    • This test, called "STAR," is generally given once a quarter and is designed to identify a student’s range of independent reading.
    • The student is given an independent reading level rating (ZPD) based on their STAR test results.
    • The student reads books in their reading level chosen from a list of more than 110,000 books with AR quizzes available.
    • The target is to find material that is not too easy or too frustrating.
    • Students have access to more than 110,000 quizzes.
    • After reading the book, the student takes a quiz on the book using a classroom computer.
    • Each quiz has five to 20 multiple choice questions.
    • Student goal is to score 80% or higher on each quiz.

    How is AR used in the classroom?

    • Teachers set AR reading goals, depending upon grade level, per week, month, or semester.
    • Each book has a point value depending on the reading level and difficulty.
    • Students must acquire a minimum number of book points or titles read per week, month or trimester.

    What results can be expected from AR®?

    • Student receives immediate feedback.
    • Teacher and student review the results.
    • Based on results, teacher makes recommendations.
    • Teachers receive detailed reports on students’ progress.

    How can parents help?

    • Encourage your child to read.
    • Make time at home for reading.
    • Shut down distractions.
    • Ask your child about his/her book.
    • Donate a needed book to our library or your child’s classroom.


    Helping students help themselves to become better readers  



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