January 27th Blood Drive

  • Blood DriveDon't forget about this upcoming blood drive.
    The Deuel Student Council has its third blood drive of the year coming up on Thursday January 27th, 2022 from 12 pm to 6 pm at the City Building in the community room. We are hoping to outdo our previous blood drive, where we were able to collect 32 units and save 96 potential lives, while having 7 first time donors!
    Reminder if you did not know, the units collected go towards a scholarship for our senior student council members. This year we only have one senior and would love to get them as large of a scholarship as possible and encourage people to please donate.
    There are a few different ways to reserve your appointment, go to the following link https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=DeuelHS  or call the following number 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). If you don’t want to deal with either of those then you can call the school (874-2161) and extension (220), Taylor will help you to make an appointment.  Thank you for continued support of the blood drives held each year.
    *Please note the change in location for this particular blood drive. It is not at the community center but instead at the city building!

State Wrestling Tickets

  • Wrestling TicketsUpdated information on State Wrestling Tickets. Tickets purchased through the school need to be completed and paid for by January 26th. Please contact Todd Rahlf with your ticket order.  Please note that only all-tournament tickets will be sold in advance.

    1. State Tournament Reserved Seat Ticket Information – Combined Tournament, Sioux Falls
    2. Member School Pre-Sale Ticket Orders
    3. a. Only all-tournament tickets will be sold in advance for $50.00.
    4. Tickets for the Combined Tournament will be sold only by the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls. Ticket Order forms will be sent to Member Schools in the first two weeks of January. There is no limit on the number of adult or student all-tournament tickets a school can purchase.
    5. Each school order must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to the Denny Sanford Premier Center for the exact amount of the order.
    6. The deadline for School Orders to be received by the DSPC is January 31. Any orders received after that point will be filled in the order they are received and potentially mixed in with general public sales.
    7. There are NO REFUNDS on ticket orders
    8. General Public Pre-Sale Orders
    9. The general public is encouraged to make their orders through their local school district to ensure they receive priority seating for the tournament.
    10. Members of the general public not ordering tickets through their school may contact the host site directly or purchase tickets online beginning on or around February 1.
    11. As with the school orders, there are NO REFUNDS on any tickets purchased.

    Ticket Specifications:

    1. All adults will be required to purchase a reserved seat ticket good for seating as assigned to gain entry.
    2. Students wishing to sit with their school/parent groups must purchase a reserved seat ticket.
    3. Discounted student tickets will be for seating in specified sections separate from team personnel.
    4. Student tickets are good for those in Grades 1-12. Kindergarten or younger are admitted free, but not necessarily provided a seat in the reserved section without a ticket. College students are considered adults and must purchase an adult ticket to gain entry.
    5. Tickets may be purchased on the day of the event. Doors will open 90 minutes prior to the first session on Friday and 60 minutes prior to each of the remaining sessions.

    Please email me the number of all tournament tickets you would like - Todd.Rahlf@k12.sd.us

Activity Calendar & Notifications

  • rST AppAre you finding yourself wondering what time the game will start or if the activity has been cancelled? Solve those two problems by downloading the mobile app for the Athletic / Activity Calendar, and signing up for the Notify Me notifications from the school website for this calendar.
    Notify Me
    Start by selecting the Activity & Athletic Calendar from the drop-down menu on the home page of the school website.
    On the right side of the webpage select the “Notify Me” option. You will be asked to create an account. As part of signing up, you will be asked what activities you would like to be notified about, and you can even select to receive reminders for those activities.
    Now when there has been a change in the schedule you will receive notifications about those events.
    rSchoolToday Mobile App
    Find the app for rSchoolToday in your app store. Can also search under Activity Scheduler. The icon will be the blue ball cap with the letters rST. Select Install. You will need to go through a couple of set up steps. Select South Dakota. Scroll down until you find Northeast Conference. Then select Deuel.

2021 and 2020 Yearbooks

  • Yearbook

     The 2021 Yearbooks have arrived at the school. You may purchase yearbooks from Karan Domina for $35 each. Make checks out to Deuel School District. 2020 Yearbooks are also still available.

Message Alert System

  • Alert SystemThe days of waiting patiently for the scroll of school names across the bottom of the tv screen or even listening to the long list of names on the radio are not necessarily the only way the school notifies parents and guardians of school closures or announcements. Although the school does still use the local stations for closure listings, they also have an Alert System that can make contacts via text message, voicemail, and emails.
    These messages generally concern winter weather, they also are used to notify the students, staff, guardians, and parents of those enrolled in the Deuel School District of other announcements.
    Recently there were two messages sent by the school district. If you wish to make changes or additions to how you are contacted please contact Taylor Krause at 605-874-2161 ext. 220 or email at taylor.krause@k12.sd.us.
    So not only can you get text messages, voicemail, and emails, you can also find the information on Dakota News, Keloland, and Facebook. This is available to all who have students enrolled in the district.

Cold Weather & Recess

  • WinterAs the weather gets colder, please remember your children MUST bring proper clothing to go outside. They will go outside for recess every day unless the temperature drops below zero, or the windchill is below -10, so please make sure they come with winter coats, hats and gloves for the cold and snow pants and boots now that there is snow. They will still have to go outside even if they do not have these items, but they do not get to play in the snow. Please also remember that a lot of boots and snow pants look exactly the same, so don’t forget to label your child’s name or initials!

Social Media Page

  • Facebook Image

     Deuel School District will place links to Facebook and other social media apps that are used for educational purposes and follow the policies of Deuel School District.

    We will not provide links to sites that are private or need to be a member to see the content. If you wish to be included on this page, please send your request and link to the Digital Media Coordinator for the school at Michelle.Gross@k12.sd.us. Thank you.

School Positions Needed!

  • Help WantedHelp Wanted!
    Deuel School District for substitue teachers and bus drivers. Please contact Superintendent Chad Schiernbeck at 874-2161 or chad.schiernbeck@k12.sd.us to inquire about these positions or to apply.
    Substitute Teachers
    Deuel School needs more substitute teachers and paraprofessionals including several upcoming long-term subs needed this school year. Current amount of pay each day for subs is $120 for certified teachers, $100 for non-certified, and $90 for paraprofessionals.
    Substitute Bus Drivers
    Substitute bus driver’s fill-in for full-time drivers on as-needed basis and can potentially move to full-time positions. CDL is not needed for some routes.

Welcome To Our School

  • School BuildingDeuel School District is centered within the city of Clear Lake, encompassing the communities of Clear Lake, Gary, Goodwin, Brandt, Altamont, and Bemis.

    The district features a lap-top initiative with students in grades 4-12 all having their own personal computer, one of the highest student/computer ratios in the country, Wireless computing throughout the campus, Smart Board Technology in every classroom, opportunities for advanced-placement and college credit classes, a four-day school week with opportunities for extra-help on Fridays or extended learning opportunities and many more innovative practices. Co-curricular opportunities range from almost any athletic pursuit to drama, oral interpretation, band and chorus, an art program and a variety of clubs for special interests.

    Students in the district come from farming, manufacturing and business backgrounds and we are committed to providing them with a quality education providing the foundation for success in whatever endeavor students choose to follow after graduation.

    Deuel School District's Mission Statement:
         Empower students to become independent learners, personally accountable, and responsible citizens.

    Deuel School District's Belief Statement:
         Everyone in the community contributes to the education of the children in our schools.
         Therefore, we are committed to:
              - Personal responsibility and accountability.
              - Respecting others and maintaining an open line of communication in the district.
              - Providing opportunities and resources for individual success.
              - Maintaining and communicating high academic and professional standards and expectations.

After School Program

  • Afterschool ProgramThe Deuel School District will be implementing an afterschool program to help kids complete tasks or homework that they are struggling with. The program will be offered to grades 3-8. It will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM in the school library.
    Teachers will identify the students that will attend the afterschool program, and it can change day to day.
    Afterschool Program Expectations:
    -Classroom teachers will notify parents and get approval for them to attend the program.
    -Classroom teachers will send a list of students that are expected to be in attendance to the after-school program supervisors.
    -Supervisors will work with kids in small groups or individually, depending on the number of students in the program on the given day.
    -Parents will be responsible for student pick up at 5 pm or have a predetermined plan with your child.
    -Students must be identified by the teacher to attend the afterschool program.
    -Behavior issues will not be tolerated, and parents will be notified to come pick up their child if there are behavior issues.

Return To School Plan

  • Back to School Plan

    The Deuel School District will continue to work in collaboration with local, regional, state, and national resources throughout the school year to ensure the health and safety of our staff and students. Protocols and procedures may change quickly as conditions warrant. The District recognizes the importance of in-person learning, therefore will offer only on-campus classes for all students during the 2021- 2022 school year.

Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan

    Deuel School Board supported a district wide strategic planning process to help to inform the Board about future goals for the district. The survey was conducted between mid-January and early February (2021). The data compilation from the surveys were shared with the School Board and administration at a previous school board meeting. Focus group meetings, involving both internal and external stakeholders were held to turn survey themes into goal statements and to devise action steps to accomplish the stated goals.


  • ARP ESSER Plan

    The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund was established in response to the immense challenges facing students, educators, staff, schools, and districts in preparing for and responding to COVID-19. The funds are for a wide array of activities to address diverse needs arising from or exacerbated by the pandemic, or to emerge stronger post-pandemic. This includes responding to students’ social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs. Because of the unprecedented, one-time funding available to districts, the South Dakota Department of Education (the department) encourages school districts to invest the funding strategically. Investments should provide sustained benefits to students and positively impact the district long-term.


  • Non-Discrimination

    The Deuel School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boys Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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