Student Council

  • Student CouncilThe Deuel High School Student Council is comprised of a mixture of students and the advisor, is Lindsey Gorder.

    Student Council organizes many different activities, fundraisers, and events for the high school students. The main purpose of student council is to serve as a voice for the student body at Deuel High School. That is just one of the reasons Student Council exists. They are also here to help raise funds for school-wide activities including social events (dances, movie nights, etc.), community projects (Red Cross Blood Drives), other charities/fundraisers, and to plan and execute school-wide events such as homecoming week, Christmas dress up days, etc.

    How often the student council meets, depends on the time of year. They meet once a month, but if there are major events coming up then it could be as often as once a week. The meetings usually take place during the school day, often during a flex period or lunch. Meeting times are dependent on the students involved and what other activities they are involved in.

    Any student who is going to be in high school the following year can apply to be on student council. Students who want to be part of student council need to apply to be on it for the following year. In the spring an application is sent out to all the current 8th graders, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to apply for the following school year. During the application process they must get teacher endorsement signatures and as well as a list of signatures from their peers, showing that they are supported to make decisions on their behalf. There is also a questionnaire for them to explain why they deserve to be on it and goals they would have for the following year. Their applications are then reviewed and taken to a teacher selection committee.

2022/2023 Student Council

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